Tree Trimming Services in Melbourne suburbs, Mornington Peninsula, Geelong, and Ballarat.

As the leading tree trimming service in Melbourne, we’re here to ensure your trees are not just trimmed but also nurtured and cared for. Regular tree trimming promotes robust health, ensuring trees thrive in their natural beauty. Not only does it maintain your garden’s aesthetic appeal, but it also keeps your property safe from potential hazards. When it comes to tree trimming in Melbourne, no one understands local trees and conditions better than Hedge Works.

The benefits of regular trimming

Consistent tree trimming is both a science and an art. By maintaining a regular trimming schedule, you enhance the tree’s aesthetic appeal and promote its healthy and symmetrical growth. In addition, this methodical approach safeguards against the risks associated with overgrowth.


Trust our experts for a tailored approach

Proper tree trimming is more than just making cuts; it demands an intricate blend of precision and expertise. At Hedge Works, our approach to tree care is far from generic. Recognising that every tree has its own set of needs and every client has distinct preferences, we aim to tailor our services accordingly. This customised methodology is rooted in a deep understanding of diverse tree species, allowing us to refine and adapt our trimming techniques. The result? A harmonious blend of nature’s beauty and our clients’ vision, achieved through meticulous care and attention to detail.

We can help with:

  • General tree, shrub or hedge maintenance
  • Trimming/shaping
  • Cutting/pruning
  • Removal
  • Planting a new hedge
  • Spraying diseased or beetle ravaged hedges
  • Waste removal

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Safety is our top priority

With Hedge Works, safety is paramount. Our staff are not only seasoned professionals well-versed in the nuances of their craft, but they have also undergone rigorous police checks. This ensures that when you grant us access to your garden, you’re placing your trust in dependable hands.

Furthermore, Hedge Works remains unwavering in its commitment to safeguarding both our team and your property throughout the tree trimming process. Our procedures and efficient services are designed to reduce any disruption to your daily life. And for added peace of mind, we’re backed by a robust $20 million public liability insurance. With us, your trees and peace of mind are in expert care.


Trust Hedge Works for a perfect job every time

Choosing Hedge Works means aligning yourself with a team that commits to excellence at every turn. Whether it’s tree removal, tree planting, routine tree maintenance, or specialist tree lopping services, our seasoned professionals ensure precision, care, and unrivalled expertise. Place your trust in Hedge Works, and witness a seamless blend of nature’s beauty with top-tier arboricultural practices.