If you're looking for hedge or tree trimming services, we serve Melbourne suburbs, Mornington Peninsula, Geelong, and Ballarat.

We provide a competitive, professional and reliable hedge trimming service to customers all Melbourne suburbs, Mornington Peninsula, Geelong, Ballarat. Hedge Works is a locally owned business that prides itself on doing a standout job every time. Our team has many years of experience working in all kinds of gardens and we guarantee to leave you impressed by what we can achieve.


Hedge trimming we use a hedge trimmer, trimming of the new growth allows us to sculpt and shape your hedge, trees and shrubs, regular trimming promotes more new growth giving a fuller, better quality and look.


Figuring out the best time to trim your hedges may depend on the type of plant, but generally, you can’t go wrong with late winter or early spring, right before the plant hits its major growth phase. If you want healthy and beautiful looking hedges all year round, whether it’s a Pittosporum hedge, Lilly Pilly hedge, Conifer hedge, Photinia hedge, Box hedge (to name just a few), then there’s no better team to call.


Take Control of Your Garden with Our Professional Hedge Trimming Services 

Our landscape and decorative hedge trimming can bring harmony back to your outdoor space! 


Unruly hedges and trees can quickly ruin the aesthetics of a property. That’s why it’s important that you call in an expert when things get out of hand. Whether it’s to deal with a large conifer hedge or a small box hedge, our capable green thumbs have got you covered. We do this by using professional tools, equipment and experience that gardeners don’t have.


Now, how do professionals make your hedges look so perfect? It comes down to sharp, well-maintained tools and the skill to create an even, symmetrical appearance while getting rid of any dead or diseased branches. This kind of careful maintenance, especially trimming the top, encourages the plant to grow denser and thicker, improving the hedge’s overall look.


Rest assured that we can reach even the most hard to access hedges thanks to safety ladders and specialist gear. It’s all about providing great value for money and a service that is second to none.

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Call us now for a free quote

1300 221 542 or 0407 100 315


A perfect job, every time

Hedge Works prides itself on doing a perfect hedging job every time. In fact, we have a keen eye for detail, and we never take shortcuts. From hedge maintenance to precision pruning, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive garden care.


We take safety seriously. That’s why our team is fully trained and has years of experience trimming hedges of all shapes and sizes. Rest assured that Hedge Works is insured for $20 million in public liability cover and that each crew member has completed a comprehensive police check.


Contact us today to organise a free quote for our hedge trimming services in Melbourne and beyond and see just how competitive our prices are.

Hedge trimming services FAQs


How is hedge trimming different from hedge pruning?

Hedge trimming is more about maintenance – our team of gardeners can help you keep your hedge looking healthy and tidy by trimming it several times a year. Hedge pruning usually involves removing diseases or damaged branches from a hedge and is a more involved process. If you’re unsure about which service you need our help with, call the Hedge Works team today. 


What month is best to trim hedges?

This will depend on the type of hedge and the climate where you live. We recommend trimming hedges in late winter or early spring before new growth starts. Contact the team at Hedge Works today to discuss your hedge and the best time to book our hedge trimming service. 


What tools do you use to trim hedges?

Our team uses various professional trimming tools, including hedge trimmers, shears and loppers. We have access to tools and equipment that local gardeners may not – which is how we can guarantee a high-quality job every time.  


Do you provide decorative hedge trimming services?

The Hedge Works team has plenty of experience trimming and shaping hedges and topiary to create a unique look for your garden. If you have a particular style or design in mind, contact our team today to find out how we can help you bring that idea to life. 


How do I trim an overgrown hedge?

You call us! Trimming overgrown hedges can be a challenge. At Hedge Works, we have the experience and the equipment to undertake large or overgrown hedge trimming jobs safely. We’ll be able to assess the best way to tame your overgrown hedge. By the end of the job, you’ll have a beautifully shaped new garden hedge. 


How can I protect my hedges against diseases and pests?

The best way to protect your hedge against pests and diseases is by being prepared. If you want to plant a hedge in your garden, research the best type of hedge plant for your climate and soil type. The plant you choose will also affect where the hedge is planted in your garden, as some will need exposure to some, and others more shade. Lastly, regular maintenance is vital – make sure the hedge is fertilised regularly, trimmed several times a year, and keep an eye out for signs of damage or illness, such as yellowing leaves, brittle branches or other common signs. 

The highly skilled team at Hedge Works can help with all of the above. Contact our skilled gardening team today for help with hedge trimming, tree trimming, hedge planting, and so much more.