Hedge Planting Services in Melbourne suburbs, Mornington Peninsula, Geelong, and Ballarat.

Planting a hedge is not just about digging holes and placing plants. It’s a meticulous craft, rooted in techniques that guarantee the longevity and vitality of the hedge. Beyond their role in ensuring privacy, hedges elevate a landscape’s visual appeal and serve as refuges for local wildlife, turning outdoor spaces into thriving sanctuaries.

At Hedge Works, our approach to hedge planting is both thorough and thoughtful. By focusing on optimal spacing, perfect planting depth, and rigorous soil preparation, we lay the foundation for hedges that not only grow but flourish. Each step of our process is fine-tuned to ensure the lasting health and vitality of your green barrier.


Tailored hedge planting services

We boast a vast range of hedge planting services, catering to various species and sizes. Whatever your landscape demands, be it a towering privacy hedge or a petite ornamental one, we’ve got the perfect fit.

Every garden is unique, and so is its need. That’s why our approach is customised, reflecting your preferences, the garden’s design, and Melbourne’s distinct climate. Whether you desire a sun-loving hedge or one that thrives in the shade, our expertise ensures the best species selection based on sun exposure and soil type.


Tips for nurturing and maintaining your hedge

After planting, your hedges need more than just water to thrive. Proper care in the early stages can make all the difference for healthy growth.

  • Consistent moisture: Newly planted hedges require regular watering. Ensure the soil remains consistently moist, but not waterlogged. This aids in root establishment and growth.
  • Timely pruning: Don't wait too long to give your hedges their first trim. Early pruning encourages bushier growth, making your hedges denser and more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Mulch application: Spread a layer of organic mulch around the base. This retains moisture, regulates soil temperature, and keeps weeds at bay.
  • Protection from extremes: During their initial growth phase, hedges can be sensitive. Use shade cloths to protect them from the scorching sun, and consider windbreaks if you're in an especially breezy area.
  • Monitoring growth: Keep an eye on your hedges' health. Yellowing leaves or slow growth can indicate issues such as pest infestations or nutritional deficiencies.

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Your Lush Landscape Awaits!

Ready to transform your garden into a paradise? Reach out to Hedge Works today! Whether you’re considering hedge maintenance, hedge trimming, or even thinking about hedging from scratch, our team is ready to accommodate your needs. Furthermore, for those hedges that have grown beyond their prime or are no longer required, we provide hedge pruning and hedge removal services to rejuvenate or clear up your space.

Don’t just dream about the perfect hedge – reach out to us for a consultation or request a quote, and let’s begin crafting your garden’s next beautiful chapter together. Your dream hedge is just a call away.

The benefits of calling us is that we arrive on time, we deliver great results, and we put your safety first. Not only that, but Hedge Works is insured for $20 million in public liability and every member of our team has undergone a comprehensive police check for total peace of mind.