Are you located in Geelong and looking for a professional garden hedging service? It’s time to call Hedge Works. We are an experienced garden hedging and general gardening maintenance business operating in Geelong, which prides itself on delivering exceptional services.


How We Can Help With Garden Hedging In Geelong

The Hedge Works team has many years of experience dealing with hedges of many different shapes and sizes. We use chainsaws and other specialised equipment to trim the height of your hedges effectively. Our team are experts in transforming messy or overgrown gardens into a true oasis, with neatly-trimmed and shaped hedges.

What exactly does our garden hedging maintenance service cover? We offer the following services in Geelong:

Call Hedge Works today for a free quote on our garden hedging services in Geelong. We provide affordable, competitive quotes for our garden maintenance services.

We Don’t Take Shortcuts When Cutting Your Hedges

At Hedge Works, we are a passionate team of hedge enthusiasts. With years of experience and a keen eye for detail, our team cuts, trims, and maintains hedges to ensure your garden looks great and continues to thrive. Our gardeners use professional tools and equipment to deliver exceptional results. Our hedge cutters are equipped with safety ladders and long-reach trimmers so that we can tackle even the tallest hedges with ease. We’ve got all the boxes ticked for a job well done.

Reach Out to Us for a Free Quotation

You can call Hedge Works at 1300 221 542 or 0407 100 315.

Our Commitment to Safe and Efficient Garden Hedging in Geelong

Safety is always a top priority for the Hedge Works team. Whether you’re looking to engage our garden hedging services in Geelong or elsewhere, we always ensure our team uses up-to-date equipment and follows a strict safety protocol.


Safety is our priority

At Hedge Works, we lower the risk of accidents by following a strict hedge-cutting process. This also ensures our team are working in the most efficient way possible. You can feel confident engaging our garden hedging services in Geelong and beyond. We’re also covered by $20 million in public liability insurance and every team member has undergone a thorough police check.


No mess, no stress: A clean job is a good one

When you choose Hedge Works, you can rest easy: We don’t just trim hedges; we clean up the mess, too. We dispose of branches and offcuts in an environmentally friendly way, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Whether an unruly conifer hedge or tidying a small box one, Hedge Works will ensure they complete the job quickly and neatly.


Garden Hedging in Geelong FAQs

What are the best plants for creating a garden hedge?

Consider plants like Lilly Pilly, Buxus, or Photinia to build a garden hedge. These are evergreen plants that make for beautiful and robust hedges.


How often should I book garden hedging services?

You should book a garden hedging service in Geelong every two to three months during the growing season to keep your Hedge neat and tidy. Outside of this season, you can probably extend your maintenance time. Contact us at Hedge Works if you have questions about your Hedge’s maintenance schedule.


What other garden maintenance services can you help me with?

Apart from garden hedging, we offer a range of services in Geelong and wider Melbourne, including lawn care, tree pruning, and weed control to keep your garden in top shape.


Call Hedge Works For Professional Garden Hedging Services In Geelong

Our professional garden hedging services are exactly what your garden needs. Contact the team at Hedge Works for a free quote: We provide affordable, competitively-priced quotes for all our services. Let the Hedge Works team transform your garden hedge today.