Tree Lopping Services in Melbourne suburbs, Mornington Peninsula, Geelong, and Ballarat.

Discover the best in tree lopping services with Hedge Works, where we merge expertise with nature’s elegance. Catering to both residential and commercial needs, our team ensures your trees not only look their best but are also at their healthiest.


Professional tree lopping is not just a matter of maintaining a tree’s appearance; it’s a cornerstone of ensuring its health and vitality. When executed correctly, lopping can extend a tree’s lifespan, allowing it to thrive and grow robustly. Furthermore, the safety of the surrounding environment – be it your home, garden, or commercial property – is better when tree lopping is done by experts.


Trust our professional experts for excellent results

At Hedge Works, our dedicated team ensures precision-driven tree lopping services, consistently meeting the highest industry standards. With a tailored approach, we ensure that every cut and every technique employed is underpinned by thorough analysis and expertise. Entrust your trees to Hedge Works – where professionalism, experience, and arboricultural excellence converge.


We use a tailored approach to fit different needs

Each tree has its unique needs, and at Hedge Works, we recognise this. Our approach to tree lopping is tailored, considering both the individual characteristics of the tree and the requirements of the landscape. Furthermore, it’s essential to distinguish between lopping and pruning, as each serves a distinct purpose in tree maintenance. Trust us to guide you in these methods, helping you make informed choices for your tree care needs.

We can help with:

  • General tree, shrub or hedge maintenance
  • Trimming/shaping
  • Cutting/pruning
  • Removal
  • Planting a new hedge
  • Spraying diseased or beetle ravaged hedges
  • Waste removal

Call us now for a free quote

1300 221 542 or 0407 100 315

Call us now for a free quote

1300 221 542 or 0407 100 315


Choose Hedge Works for a professional tree lopping service

Did you notice an overgrown tree or worrisome branches in your garden? At Hedge Works, we understand how tree lopping can make all the difference. Address these tree concerns promptly with our top-tier service, ensuring your trees look their best and grow healthily.


But that’s not all we’re about. Our services are designed to cater to every tree-related need you might have. From tree removal and tree planting to regular maintenance and tree trimming, we’ve got it all. Dive into our range of offerings, and let us transform and nurture your outdoor spaces with a touch of expertise and care.