Hedge Works is a premier topiary specialist in Melbourne. We are passionate about transforming spaces and structures through sophisticated topiary services. Our gardening professionals and topiary artists keep honing their skills and expanding their knowledge to deliver consistently outstanding results.


We craft breathtaking topiary creations that leave a lasting impression. Our commitment to client satisfaction and first-rate work is the core of our topiary pruning service. Hedge Works professionals always aim to turn your dream garden into reality.

Try Our Topiary Pruning Service to Revitalise Your Greens

Topiaries have beautified estates since the 1st Century, notably during the reign of the ancient Roman emperor Augustus. Whether you want a centrepiece in the middle of a manicured lawn or a series of figures to fence your property, our topiaries will make a regal statement.


Topiary pruning shapes plants into geometric designs and animals. It is a method of trimming wilted and overgrown branches to promote healthier plant growth. Hedge Works utilises specialised tools to mould topiaries into their intended shapes without compromising vitality.


Harsh weather and other external factors do not faze us. While Melbourne can be hot and dry, we put in the extra work to ensure your plants stay evergreen. We can help you maintain a luscious topiary garden all year long.

Other Topiary Services Hedge Works Has to Offer:

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Plants That Make the Best Topiaries in Melbourne

Are you looking for plants that best suit the Melbourne weather? As topiary specialists, we recommend the following:


Buxus is a classic for most topiary gardens. It can tolerate cool winters and warm summers. Its dense and vibrant foliage will look stunning regardless of the weather conditions.


Ficus is an outstanding choice for enthusiasts looking for topiary plants with alluring aromas. Besides surviving in temperate regions, this plant can have a long blooming period. Its purple flowers can stay intact for a couple of seasons.


Conifer is a suitable pick for low-maintenance topiary gardens. It perseveres the extremes of the Melbourne weather without losing its beauty. Its branches are easy to prune.


Exceeding your expectations, one trim at a time

Hedge Works is a topiary pruning service provider dedicated to growing and maintaining topiary gardens across varying seasons. You don’t need to worry about your Lilly Pilly or Conifer hedge lasting through the summer: our team of professionals has you covered.


Whether we are working on a modest garden or acres of land, our gardening professionals have the tools, training, and experience to deliver flawless results. We are your go-to team for topiary services.


Our expert gardeners are one call away to give your topiary plants the love they deserve. Call 1300 221 542 or 0407 100 315 and book your topiary pruning service today.